Bringing Deep Learning To Digital Mammography.

Alixir is working on the mammographic detection system of the future, combining near-instant reporting with results that match or exceed a radiologist in terms of sensitivity and specificity.

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Early studies of Alixir's breast cancer screening system have shown a sensitivity of over 95% and a sensitivity of 96% on a well-established segmented test set for digital mammography.



Alixir can segment a digital mammogram and provide customised reporting in seconds, expediting necessary callbacks and saving lives.



Alixir can augment or replace a human read, making the screening process more accurate and more cost effective than ever before.

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Meet the team

Dr. Joe Logan

Founder & CTO

Joe is the main tech guy here at Alixir, having over 25 years experience of programming and development.

He has vast experience of software engineering throughout the stack, and specialises in data science and machine learning implementation with Pandas, Hadoop, Python, Keras, PyTorch and TensorFlow.  He is also awesome with web and mobile frameworks such as React and Node, in addition to VR/AR development with C# and Unity.

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